Wedding Day Makeup Tips from a Pro!

Mar 23

I love watching a woman’s face light up when she sees herself and just feels really, really pretty! The confidence that comes from feeling that way are what make truly beautiful photos.

Now, I’m no makeup expert (like, you do NOT want to see me try to highlight and contour), but thankfully, Ms. Kimberly Tran knows all there is to know about beauty, and we’ve teamed up to answer some questions about makeup and getting prettied up on the wedding day!

Do I have to wear heavy makeup for it to look good in pictures?

Not necessarily— you just have to do your makeup a little differently than you normally would, because if there’s a flash, it can really bring out your less favorite features. Mattifying, full-coverage base makeup will help your skin to look smooth and even, plus it will combat shiny-ness. Make sure you or your MUA conceal your problem areas and use a translucent powder to cover shiny areas and absorb oil.— Kim

I second what Kim said about the not necessarily! In fact, heavy or too thick makeup usually looks heavy and too thick in pictures. If your photographer shoots with a flash a lot, or if you’re going to be indoors in a low light situation, take that into consideration, but avoid a look that makes you feel or look unnatural. Soft, matte makeup will diffuse light on your face and make it look soft and pretty, while thick and shiny makeup will often reflect light and give skin a greasy or unnatural look. —Christina

What should I be doing to prepare for the wedding day so I look my best?

Try to go makeup- free for at least a week to give your skin a break. Make sure you cleanse, tone, and moisturize to keep your skin healthy and clean. Consider scheduling a facial a week or more ahead of time! —Kim

Love yourself!! Do some nice things for YOU to help you feel confident and calm. Prep for a wedding day can become overwhelming, and it’s important to do some self- care to keep you feeling confident and stress-free. Your attitude and feelings translate so heavily into photos! — Christina

What does my makeup artist want to know about me while we’re planning my wedding day look?

Let them know what your everyday makeup looks like as well as the sort of look you’re going for: more natural or glam. Share your makeup look inspirations with them and let your MUA know your skin type, too.

How do I avoid having a makeup look I don’t really like? I don’t want to hurt my makeup artist’s feelings!

Do not feel obligated to your MUA. Book a trial run and treat it like a date. If she’s not your fit, she’s not your fit. Allow yourself enough time to find the right makeup artist for YOU. Your makeup artist should be courteous to your requests, ask lots of questions, and deliver a look that is both beautiful and comfortable.

What are some other tips you have about wedding day makeup you want to share?

Make sure you get your eyebrows waxed ahead of time.

False eyelashes are optional, but waterproof mascara is not!

Keep your nails simple.

If you don’t have the budget to keep your MUA around all day, make sure to pack a touchup kit to keep the shine away for pictures and your lipstick intact after the big kiss!

Manage your time wisely to keep from rushing and forgetting something crucial. Save yourself the stress. —Kim

Keep your getting ready area as neat and tidy as you can! I like to designate a “junk corner” in the getting ready space so we can take beautiful, classy images of the bride and her girls fixing their hair and makeup (without duffel bags and McDonalds cups scattered about— haha!).

Think about how much time you need for everyone to get ready, and add some time to that. When I plan a picture timeline out with my brides, I like to build in “wiggle room,” because inevitably, something takes longer than anticipated, and I want our clients to be stress- free.

Ultimately, remember just how beautiful you really are and let that confidence fill you as you go through your big day— Christina


Photo: A Beautiful History Photography

Kim is a professional makeup artist, hair stylist, and microblading specialist– and also one of the sweetest, coolest women you will ever meet! You can follow her beauty account here for all kinds of good tips, tricks, and inspiration! 






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