Wedding Planning During Covid-19

Wedding Planning During a Pandemic

Mar 24

Who ever thought, out of all of the crazy things that can impact wedding planning, that a global pandemic could impact ours? It feels a little surreal, am I right?! I’m feeling a special soft part in my heart for all of the couples and families who are trying to navigate wedding planning in the midst of all that’s going on, not only because I’m a wedding photographer, but also because I’m working on planning my own wedding, too! And yep, Covid-19 is totally changing my plans!

But ya know, the great thing I’ve witnessed so far is how willing people are in coming together when we can’t actually (physically) come together. Many of us are faced with financial and employment challenges, we want to ensure our families and guests can stay safe and healthy, and we also want to enjoy the day we’ve spent so much of our time and resources investing in. I get it, girl. And I’ve been really thankful to see my vendor friends so willing to serve their clients well and help them through this, as well as brides choosing to be flexible and understanding.

So far, here are my tips for planning and rethinking your wedding day plans. I know things seem to change on a daily basis, but my hope is that this little bit of advice encourages you as you work to make one of the most beautiful and important days of your life happen!


Remember your goal–getting married to the love of your life! I want a beautifully styled day exactly as I envision it, but when it’s all said and done, the most important part is getting married, and if we accomplish that, we’ve done a great job. Take a deep breath and remember it is all going to be okay. I promise.


If you don’t know yet whether to postpone or keep your date and you’re needing to send invitations soon, ask your stationer to create a slip you can include with your invitation suite that says something like “It is with hopeful hearts we are planning to proceed with our wedding on (date), but out of care for our dear guests, we ask you to check out our wedding website ( for updates in the event we need to make changes to our original plans.” This is something you could definitely DIY yourself, too. If you don’t have a wedding website, you can make one for free, or even create a Facebook group you can add your guests to in order to keep them in the loop.


Check in with your vendors and let them know as soon as possible if you need to reschedule or reformulate your wedding day plans. Your vendors love and want to serve you well. This is a tricky time for folks in the wedding industry since often, our calendars book more than a year in advance of dates. I do know, however, that the vast majority of vendors realize we are all in this together and trying to figure things out. So, communicate well and be flexible.


Stay informed! This seems easy to do with so many posts on social media and articles being shared, but make sure you check in on the most current and accurate information. The CDC and your state’s government websites will offer the best information for you to utilize as you make decisions. I know we all value the health and safety of the ones we love, and planning our weddings with that in mind is an important priority.


Find some solidarity. You might be feeling disappointed, stressed, anxious, or upset about having to change wedding plans because of the pandemic; remember that it is completely valid to feel all of those things! This is one of the most precious and sacred days of your life. I know that you’re not just heartbroken over potentially changing venues or the sort of flowers in your bouquet, but more about what all of those things celebrate and represent. I know it’s stressful making plans for an event that is such a huge investment of time, money, and resources that you (and perhaps your family) have been working for a long time to make happen. I know babies are being born, family members are getting older, and you have created a beautiful vision for your special day that you want to see fulfilled. In situations like this, it’s helpful to have a tribe of people to support you, offer advice, and help you problem solve. Find your people! If you don’t know where to look, please join my Facebook group called The Bride Guide. It’s especially for brides and vendors navigating this tricky season, and my goal is to connect you with friends and people who can help you as you figure out the best choices to make regarding your wedding. You can find it here!


I am praying for ya and rooting for you and your big day! If you have questions or need help, I’m here! I promise, your day is still going to be the best day ever.


Wedding Planning During Covid-19

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