Classy Spring Wedding | Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Classic Spring Wedding | Kentucky Wedding Photographer

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Jaclyn and I went to college together, and I remember waayyyy back in one of our lit classes telling her I wanted to take her pictures whenever she got married one day. So, I knew it was totally fate when her mother called me a couple months ago looking for a wedding photographer for her […]


Mountain Engagement Pictures | Kentucky Wedding Photographer

How to Give Your Bride Perfect Wedding Photos

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Do you remember those awkward days of high school being partnered up with other classmates you didn’t know having to do something insane like figure out genetic abnormalities or analyze a poem together? I was SHY in high school, so I dreaded situations like these. I spent more time panicking inside than I did learning. […]


Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Mountain Engagement Photos | Kentucky Wedding Photographer

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A lot of couples ask me for suggestions for where to do their engagement pictures, and I always tell them the best way to go is with a place that is near and dear to their heart. I want the lovely folks I work with to feel something while they have their photo taken! So […]


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