Wedding Planning During Covid-19

Wedding Planning During a Pandemic

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Who ever thought, out of all of the crazy things that can impact wedding planning, that a global pandemic could impact ours? It feels a little surreal, am I right?! I’m feeling a special soft part in my heart for all of the couples and families who are trying to navigate wedding planning in the […]


Basic Invite and Christina Stallard Photography

Basic Invite | The Best of Both Worlds!

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If you know me, you know I’m totally a DIY girl, but I also REALLY need a lot of guidance with things I don’t know a lot about (I’ve had my fair share of pintrosities– yep). I like getting good deals, yeah, but I think the best part about getting involved in projects is having […]


Wedding Day Notecards | Christina Stallard Photography

Wedding Day Note Cards

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I believe wholeheartedly that the most important part of a wedding day is celebrating love and how it brings people together. Wedding days fly by, so make sure to let yourself pause and take in all the beauty that’s happening around you. I love when couples exchange notes with each other or their loved ones […]


Wedding Planning Freebie Just for YOU!

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      Who knows that planning a wedding can be a little (or a LOT) overwhelming? Yep– we are all raising our hands. If you’re like me, you pay attention to the little details and the special moments, and you want everything to look and feel nice– the perfect backdrop for the perfect day. […]


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